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New Churches?

 What Got You Here- Won’t Get You There

Author Marshall Goldsmith wrote a book with that title and teaches on the leadership principles that help leaders who are stuck to overcome habits.  Leaders and churches often have the same problem.  We get to thinking that what we did in the past will help lead us to the future.  But the reality is that what we did in the past that was highly effective doesn’t seem to be working today in the church.
The church is losing probably the most important battle their is – the battle for our kids to be a part of the church in the future.  We are loosing 60-80% of the young people that grow up going to church.  The majority of young adult now say that their religious affiliation is “NONE”.
We often blame culture for these changes and it is partly true that our culture influences our families in a major way, but we are called to create culture and not just be influenced by culture.  One of the goals of starting a new church is to create a culture in the Body of Christ that impactful for future generations.
Culture has individualized spirituality.  The spiritual aspect of our lives are seen to be very personal and private.  You don’t need a church because this journey is all about you and God anyway.  Who needs other people?  They just mess up your connection with God.
What it quite clear is that church in the culture of the United States cannot be as it always has been.  How will we keep the clarity of the Gospel and yet adapt to create a culture that is able to connect young people to the Kingdom of God?